Should I get a CARBON bike? What about the pedals?


So I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. I figure that if I want to be competitive on Sprints and Olympic Distance races, it might help to have a FULL CARBON bike than an ALUMINUM FRAME WITH CARBON FORK. What are your thoughts? I mean the bike is TONS LIGHTER. Will this improve my speed dramatically or am I really just shaving seconds off my time?

What I’ve heard from my seasoned cyclist friend; Since you’re just getting started, it will help that you get situated with the one you have right now. Then you can take your time and feel/try out different bike manufacturers since they all feel different and are built for different people, sizes, and statures. As you get more comfortable on the bike, you’ll be able to tell the difference and know what you like and don’t like on a bike. Even though I agree with him, it couldn’t HURT to start off with a carbon bike, could it? LOL…sigh I know. This is probably the spontaneous shopper in me.

I’ve also received advice from a coach/trainer that I should consider the speedplay pedals. While

Update you on what I finally decide to do…