More Bike babble…

So I asked a Triathelete what their thoughts were about me upgrading my bike. I currently have a Trek 2.1 which is a pretty solid bike. But I also want to be somewhat competitive come race time. My question was “do you think I need to upgrade my bike? And if so, what would you recommend as a budget?” Maybe I shouldn’t ask questions I don’t want real answers to. My friend told me “yes, get a full carbon bike and plan on spending $3,000.” I laughed….”wait… you’re serious?!?” My thoughts were how do road and tt bikes end up costing upwards of $10,000? Does it make THAT big of a difference? Come on, no way.

From this piece of advise, they also recommend I try out the different bikes as they all feel different. I’m sure it can’t be all that different. Well, my current plan…. test ride a bunch of bikes at; Zone 3, Cyngery, Helen’s, Bike Effect. Find a brand you like and then find something from Craigslist. Budget will be $1,700.